fredag den 7. april 2017

Alternativ Aften #2

Skulle du ønske du var kul & gæærn i Oslo i 2017?
Det var du. Her. Kom så har du noe å skryte av til barnebarna dine når du er gammel

Deichmanske Bibliotek på Schous Plass
Billig Bar!
CC: 50,-

mandag den 27. marts 2017

Zoetrope // Jonas Due/Tobias Pfeil Ensemble // Mother Uraño @ 5e, Cph // 27.3.2017

Tonight at Mandagsklubben, 5e!
Playing with the New Generation of Copenhagen Legends!

Zoetrope / Jonas Due/Tobias Pfeil Ensemble / Mother Uraño
Not to be missed!

mandag den 20. marts 2017

søndag den 19. februar 2017


Deichmanske Bibliotek på Schous Plass
Musikken starter 20:30
CC: 50,- // Billig Bar!

DUNGEON PRESENCE (Jomikkel Huse Solo)
Robert Lægreid, Andreas Nordberg, Håkon Sollund og Marius Karlsrud)
Sjur Vidar Lilleås, Lyder Øvreås Røed, Joel Ring, Live Schulerud, Henriette Eilertsen, Ane Bjerkan, Tobias Pfeil)
GJÖK (Sjur Vidar Lilleås, Jonatan Uranes)

onsdag den 1. februar 2017


OMG! In April 2016 the ferocious duo URAÑO and my duo with Szymon Pimpon, I LOVE MY MOTHER joined forces in a legendary performance at Mayhem, Copenhagen

well it went something like that. Now, after extensive planning, recording, disagreeing on everything // agreeing occasionally we are embarking on our first EUROPE TOUR! This is just too exciting and I feel so priveledged to be driving around in an old VW bus with these guys eating trashy food and playing our beautiful music!
Hoooope to see you out there!

Oh and please come see us in OSLO and in COPENHAGEN where we are organizing events ourselves and have invited some killer bands and performers to share the eve with us!
We also made this hot hot video check it out:

AND our debut album is on bandcamp. It's 100% selfmade, mastered on my beloved cassette deck! ENjoy!


torsdag den 19. januar 2017

Tobi's World + Fervent Mind @ Maksitaksi, Oslo // 26.1.2017

Dearest Friends!
On 26.1.2017 a new and even more colossal/mindblowing lineup of Tobi's World is gonna perform at Maksitaksi, Oslo! This is THE dream band playing don't miss out! Also the amazing band Fervent Mind is sharing the eve with us. See you there!

Tobi's World is:
Sjur Vidar Lilleås - Drums
Lyder Øvreås Røed - Trumpet
Joel Ring - Cello
Live Schulerud - Electronics
Henriette Eilertsen - Flute
Håkon Brunborg Kjenstad - Viola
Tobias Pfeil - Vocals and Guitar

torsdag den 5. januar 2017

Sleepover is Artist in Residency at Mandagsklubben 5e!!!
Super fucking excited to be part of SLEEPOVER who is artist in residency at the legendary Mandagsklubben 5e in Copenhagen this month! We've invited our absolute favourite people/performers to join us on stage each on monday, also we are releasing a smokin hot straight from the press 15pc limited edition VINYL album at each concert! DIY POWER!
The amazing lineup is:

9 jan
Danielle Dahl - altsax
Signe Emmeluth - tenor sax
Rune Kielsgaard - drums
Tobias Pfeil - guitar/vox
Rasmus Lund - tuba
Ole Mofjell - drums

16 jan
Otto Horvath - trombone/vox
Henriette Eilertsen - flute
Tobias Pfeil - guitar/vox
Rasmus Lund - tuba
Ole Mofjell - drums

23 jan
Maria Berthel - trombone
Signe Dahlgren - tenor sax
Michael Rexen - vox
Tobias Pfeil - guitar/vox
Rasmus Lund - tuba
Ole Mofjell - drums

30 jan (these are the amazing ppl in the pic above)
Anders Vestergaard - drums
Laura Toxværd - alto sax
Tobias Pfeil - guitar/vox
Rasmus Lund - tuba
Ole Mofjell - drums

fredag den 9. december 2016

Zoetrope + Dancers!!! // Analog Bar, Copenhagen // 9.12.2016

Playing with the top dream team killer stars of Copenhagen's music scene Ole Mofjell Tomo Tomo Zoe Efstathiou + there will be pro dancers!!! Also my friend Håkon Brunborg Kjenstad on viola and the absolutely amazing Natalie Sandtorv are joining this is once in a lifetime!!!

lørdag den 3. december 2016

Preyed Upon A Symphony // Emma Acs & St. Annæ Symfoniorkester // 3.12.2017 // Koncertkirken Cph

Playing with Emma Acs & the Inbred Family feat. Sankt Annæ SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA! This is the one thing in December besides christmas that's gonna be absolutely breathtaking in a shamelessly megalomanic also very beautiful kind of way and you definitely don't want to miss out!

160 dkk

onsdag den 19. oktober 2016

onsdag den 12. oktober 2016

tirsdag den 15. marts 2016

From Life is Happening #1 10.03.2016
Stay tuned for Life is Happening #2

tirsdag den 26. januar 2016

Ways to Feel Magnificent @ Lillesalen Konsertserie

Oslo! We're unbelievably excited to perform as part of Lillesalen Konsertseries program next week! Prepare for Unforeseen Consequences - Livet er Skjer

Oslo! Vi gleder oss veldig til å spille på Lillesalen Konsertserie i neste uke! Vi kan love en heftig opplevelse - Life is Happening

lørdag den 12. september 2015

Winterschlaf is out!

I am very excited to announce the release of WINTERSCHLAF, my debut album. You are very very welcome to listen to and purchase it here:

Here is another track from the album:

Enjoy the music!


lørdag den 22. august 2015

Your Underpants are a Butterfly

Dear Friends! After almost a year of hard work, I am VERY VERY excited to release my solo debut album "Winterschlaf" on September 12. Here is a song from the album. Enjoy!


PS: more info on the album can be found here:

torsdag den 28. maj 2015

fredag den 28. november 2014

søndag den 26. oktober 2014

Heartbreak Satellite

I just started a beautiful project with Ragnhild Jamtveit, called "Heartbreak Satellite". We hope to play a lot of concerts in close future! In the meantime, we released a song and will release some more before Christmas.

torsdag den 2. oktober 2014

Moth to the light

Moth to the light - composed and filmed in Copenhagen at nighttime

Big thanks to Jonatan Uranes ( for production and ideas!

lørdag den 20. september 2014

I Love my Mother

This is Szymon Pimpon ( and me, in our duo called "I Love my Mother". This clip is from a live performance at the Rythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen in spring 2014.

Sibelius Improvisation

A portrait by Jesper Dalgaard of me listening to and interpreting the first movement of Jean Sibelius' Violin Concerto in D minor on the guitar. Shot in February 2014.

Big thanks to Jesper Dalgaard for filming, editing and concept!

fredag den 19. september 2014

Fossrevyen 2011 Overture

Fossrevyen 2011 - Superbus Simias -  Overture

Sivert Fjeldstad Madsen and I had the pleasure to instruct and compose for this great band in 2011 for a high school performance. This is the Overture we wrote and performed for the second half of the show (full show is available here: ).